Performed Pieces

Pieces Performed by Professional Ensembles

Overture for Full Orchestra (winner of the Texas Orchestra Directors Composition Contest in 2001)

  • 1995 premiered by the Chamber Symphony of the Metrocrest, Nick Paraskevas, conductor

Sonata for Viola and Piano

  • 2000 ~ 3 performances by Ron and Inmi Houston: Mesquite Arts Center (premiere), Eastfield College, and Dallas Public Library
  • 2002 Basically Beethoven Festival and Spectrum Recital Series; David Hermann of the Ft. Worth Symphony and Patrice Koenig

Interview: A Song Cycle for a Violinist

  • 2006 premiere at the Nasher Sculpture Center; Motoi Takeda and Steve Harlos of the Dallas Symphony
  • 2006 Festival of Sound Recital Series; Motoi Takeda and Steve Harlos
  • Interview For Violin and Piano (Preview)

Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet

  • 2006 premiere in Kansas City “Summerfest” 2 performances by musicians of the Kansas City Symphony
  • 2007 Spectrum Recital Series; musicians from the Ft. Worth Symphony
  • 2007 Voices of Change; members of the Dallas Symphony

Letters from the Fallen, for cello and piano

  • 2007 premiered by Voices of Change; Kari Nostbakken of the DSO and Joe Illick, conductor of the Ft. Worth Opera
  • 2007 Festival of Sound; Nicole Hanson Strydon of the Ft. Worth Symphony and Joe Illick
  • Letters From The Fallen part 1 (Preview)
    Letters From The Fallen part 2 (Preview)
    Letters From The Fallen part 3 (Preview)
    Letters From The Fallen part 4 (Preview)
    Letters From The Fallen part 5 (Preview)

Four Solos for Violin and Piano

  • Performed many times between 1995 and 2008; Bruce Wittrig, Dallas Symphony, violin (with various pianists)

Song of Ruth, for viola and piano

  • 2006 premiere by Jane Aten, viola and Margaret Mulvey, pianist
  • 2006 – 2008 several performances by Kathryn Hoffer of the Anchorage (Alaska) Symphony

Purcellesque for Violin and Viola

  • 1996 and 2006 David Hermann and Bruce Wittrig